Song Writing

Frosts' world class songwriters can songwrite to a provided track, or to one we've created. Writers can serve as a chief songwriters or as co-writers. Writers can also function as advisors, mentoring writers through a co-write.


The composers of Frost will work with music supervisors, and production staff, to score and sync music to video, radio, and other mediums.

Music Production

Frost will work with you to produce a musical track from scratch. Frosts' Producers will also work with you to clean up and improve upon an existent track. Roles of Producers can go from functioning as a chief producer, to a production consultant.


We are priced competitively to the market

We strive to bring you high quality music - made to your taste, that won't blow your project budget. This allows for focusing more on the craft and getting client results.

We would like to meet face to face

Sit Down with a writer and speak more in detail about your music needs for your project.


Next Steps...

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