read this article What is Frost Music Group?

Frost is a collaboration of producers, writers, and composers from different backgrounds, majoring in different genres, feels and techniques to bring a unique sound to songs and soundtrack.


read this post here What does Frost Music Group do?

Frost Provides services of Song Writing, Production, and Composition to create custom music.  


Who does Frost Music Group serve?

Frost’s services are ideal for:

A production company, looking for music to sync to a video media

A songwriter, needing music accompaniment for their song

A recording artist, looking for a song to be built to their expectation


Why should I choose Frost Music Group for my project?

Frost will strive to create new custom music, made to order by our composers and writers.

Frost Will Not give you a cookie cut song barely fitting your project,  

Frost Will Not give you an old track that’s been sitting in some library for years,


Is Frost a Music Library?



Is Frost a Record Label?



How Do I Get started?

Contact us today, via the contact form or give us a call at 678-909-9966.